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Auto Insurance
In America, you can go anywhere with a car. Before you drive, you should know that most states in the United States require valid auto insurance. If you don’t have one, you could pay a hefty fine or face jail time.
Choose a car insurance package with the type of coverage and benefits you need. This way, whether you’re a foreigner, resident, or US citizen, you can minimize your risks and keep your costs low.
Motorcycle Insurance
There is nothing more ‘free’ than riding a motorcycle on the road. Like driving a car, most states require motorcycle insurance, so you may need motorcycle insurance. Motorcycle insurance can cover you and your motorcycle against accidents, damage, theft and more.
He is not the same rider as two. Choose a motorcycle insurance package with coverage types and benefits that meet your needs.

ATV Insurance Do you love the thrill of riding aATV? Special ATV insurance is recommended as these vehicles can have a much higher risk of accident or theft.
RV Insurance Whether you want to insure your RV or want to change your current policy coverage,RV Insurance protects you from unforeseen risks.
Our insurance advisors will help you choose the insurance that best suits your needs.
Boat Insurance With aboat, the adventures feel endless. Like most things in life, owning a boat comes with risks and responsibilities. Most states don’t require boat insurance, but it can mean the difference in inconvenience and financial burden. Deals are usually very affordable, but prices can vary depending on the type of boat you own.
Jet Ski Insurance Owning aJet Ski can be a lot of fun, especially for experienced drivers. In certain circumstances, jet ski insurance may be required as you may be held liable in the event of an injury or accident. Please speak to one of our insurance advisors to see if jet ski insurance is right for you.
Classic Car Insurance
Classic cars may be a big hobby of yours, but maintaining them can leave a hole in your wallet if something goes wrong. Classic car insurance can meet your classic car specific needs and is usually less expensive than standard car insurance.
Umbrella Car Insurance

Umbrella coverage can provide additional coverage on top of standard US car insurance. This can be a great addition if you are concerned that your existing liability insurance is insufficient.
Clements Worldwide offers all of this through its partnership with Bolt Agency to make your move to the US easier with affordable comprehensive insurance solutions.
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What are the main types of auto insurance in the US?
The most common types of insurance in the US are:
Third Party Liability – Covers property damage and personal injury to other drivers in the event of negligence in an accident
Comprehensive Coverage – Protects your vehicle from non-driving accidents such as theft
Collision Insurance – Covers motor vehicle accidents or collisions with stationary objects
In addition to the above types of insurance, there are also fixed and guaranteed value policies in the United States, but these generally only apply in special circumstances. increase. B. When insuring expensive or modified vehicles.
Which insurance do you need?
Which insurance is right for you depends on several factors. Work with a reputable insurance broker to guide you through the complexities.
Financial risk you are willing to take if something happens to your vehicle, as described above
If you are unable or unwilling to pay for these events out of your own pocket, comprehensive collision insurance should be considered.
Prepare yourself! If you are not sure which insurance is right for you, consult a qualified insurance professional to ensure that your coverage is sufficient to avoid financial hardship in the event of an accident. please.
How do I receive an offer?
To obtain a US Auto Insurance Quote:
Submit your quote form and we will email you with your request for a US Auto Insurance Quote.
Help find the right coverage DocuSign Call or email with application
Receive email confirming new policyU.S. expats need auto insurance I am eligible. This includes temporary stays.
A US driver’s license is not required to purchase auto insurance.
Billing process is non-US.

S. Citizen
We have live individuals who can process claims 24/7.
Simply put, Clements is easy to trade. Many expats moving to the United States find it difficult to obtain auto insurance while still establishing themselves, but our policies are designed to address the complexities of global living. Designed. Our insurance experts are trained to deal with the specific situation of foreigners. About
Bolt is the world’s largest P&C (P&C) insurance marketplace, giving you access to more insurance companies and products than anywhere else. , to understand your situation, answer your questions, and address your concerns.Available
coverage may vary depending on your state. Our experts can provide details of what is available at your location.

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