best Bike insurance in united kingdom 2023

What is motorcycle insurance?
We work with some of the most reputable insurance companies to strive to provide you with the best motorcycle insurance policy. This means competitively priced insurance and the high level of customer service you have come to expect.
Bike Insurance is tailored to your needs and bike type, from 50 cc scooters and mopeds to adventure bikes, sport bikes, road bikes and cruisers, offering breakdown, equipment, personal and legal protection. There are additional coverage options for Our multi-bike insurance policy gives you the coverage you need, from your cafe racer collection to your hypersport. For more information on all eligible bikes, please visit our Bike Types and Bike Manufacturers page.
Why did you choose Bennett?

As a specialist motorcycle insurance broker, we compare motorcycle insurance prices from the UK’s largest panel of insurers to give you the best price for the coverage you need.
We use trusted names and select a range of insurers to offer our extensive experience, knowledge of the bike market, products available, level of customer service and competitive pricing.
We were the first bike insurance broker to offer an online quote and purchase service.Make sure you get all these benefits when you compare bike insurance…
·Enjoy a variety of key savings for bikers with a BikeSocial membership*
·Covered by default 17 of the most common changes
· Special coverage , your needs and budget
· 5-star product (Rated by Defaqto)
· UK call center
· 90 days of EU protection included as standard
Still unsure? Visit our Why Bennett page for more information.
*BikeSocial membership is free only for customers who purchase motorcycle insurance directly from Bennetts. Bikes with powerful engines are generally more expensive. Still, motorcycle insurance quotes don’t have to be expensive as there are other factors that can lower your premium costs.Keeping your motorcycle in a secure garage or locking it when not in use can lower your motorcycle insurance quote. Accurately recording your mileage can also lower your insurance premiums.
Safe driving is also rewarded. A clean driver’s license and a good riding record can save you money now and in the future.
Get cheaper motorcycle insurance by following these simple steps.
What motorcycle insurance do you need?
The type of motorcycle insurance you need depends on the level of coverage you want.
There are three levels of insurance:
Full Comprehensive

The most comprehensive type of insurance. A fully comprehensive motorcycle insurance provides security against almost any eventuality. The main difference from compulsory automobile liability insurance is that you can claim damages and losses not only to your own vehicle but also to others, regardless of whether they were your fault.
Liability Only
The most basic (and usually the cheapest) level of motorcycle insurance is liability insurance. If you are involved in an accident that injures another person or damages their vehicle or property, you are responsible for any costs incurred in compensating for that damage. Liability, Fire and Theft
The next level of coverage is Fire and Theft Third Party Coverage. This only covers basic liability coverage and includes additional coverage if your motorcycle is stolen. Or damaged or caught fire due to attempted theft.
How much does motorcycle insurance cost?
The cost of motorcycle insurance depends on several factors. When calculating the cost of an offer, we assess the risk of having insurance as a driver, the likelihood of making a claim, and the cost of paying the claim. Among other things, your riding experience, bike size and capacity, age and where you live will be considered.
Scooters and Mopeds
In the current economic climate, scooters and mopeds are becoming more popular. In fact, these two categories make up almost half of the UK equestrian population. With reliable quality and low running costs, you’ll find good deals for these smaller-capacity bikes. At the other end of theSport and Superbikespectrum is replica racing Superbike riders who love their machines still make up a sizable portion of the UK cycling population. Due to the high performance of these bikes, prizes in this category can be expensive.
If you’re cruising long distances and prefer comfort over aerodynamics, our insurance is for you. If he has invested time and money in one of these great cruises his line, he should have quality insurance to match.
Classic Bike
Good news for true classic bike enthusiasts and owners of their dream bike from the classic era.

Supplementary Insurance

Legal Expenses Insurance protects you in the event of an accident not caused by your negligence. Cover costs incurred during claims from just £29.99 up to £100,000 per year. Also, personal accident insurance that can be paid in cash in the event of a more serious accident, and a motorcycle helmet and leather cover protect your gear from damage. If desired, you can also select RAC Roadside Assistance, which provides roadside assistance.
Various insurance companies offer additional coverage options, all of which meet our high quality and service standards.

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