10 Best Tuition Free Universities in UK to Study 2023

UK Universities Free Tuition Fees 2022: According to statistics from the Office for Higher Education Statistics (2018/2019), there are currently 485,645 international students in the UK. This proves that many people were interested in studying in the UK, but money was one of the main reasons limiting them.Here are 10 free UK universities that can help you make it happen. The school is a low-tuition university, but some schools may not be completely free. However, you can always make sure that most colleges have scholarship programs in place for academically strong and high performing students, including those with financial difficulties.
Free UK Universities for International Students

1st University of Plymouth
2nd University of Cambridge
3rd Bucking Hamshire New University
4th University of the West of Scotland
5th Suffolk University
6th Ravensbourne College7th University of Sunderland
8th Royal Agricultural College
Coventry University
10. Cumbria University
These ten UK universities are known for offering free study programs to international students and are among the cheapest universities in the UK where international students can afford to study. One. So let’s take a look at their descriptions and the average fees for international students.
Free Tuition at UK Universities to Study in 2022
University of Plymouth
Average tuition: £11,000 ($14,540)
First university to establish a private medical and dental school. We believe that the University of Plymouth is much more than a degree-granting place of learning. They believe they are engines of economic innovation and progress, catalysts of social change and champions of cultural development. The university offers a number of full scholarships for undergraduate students in addition to tuition fee waivers.

University of Cambridge
Average tuition: £10,500 ($13,440)
Cambridge is an English university research institution founded by Henry VIII. Not only steeped in history, but also one of the most famous universities, Cambridge is her second oldest university in the English-speaking world and her fourth oldest in the world. As one of the UK’s free universities, Cambridge offers numerous tuition-waiver scholarships to outstanding international students. Lectures are available online. See posts about online distance learning in the UK.
Admission Requirements The application deadline for
Cambridge University is earlier than the regular UCAS deadline of 6pm (EMT) on 15th October each year, whether it is a weekend or not. The same deadline applies to medicine and dentistry, but this date has changed this year due to his COVID-19 crisis. Applications for admission to the 2021/22 academic year will open in September 2020. Applicants for this round must apply by 15 October 2020, 6pm UK time.
Most successful applicants end up exceeding the requirements offered by Cambridge. The highest qualification a high school/college student can obtain requires a top mark. It is also possible to combine qualifications from different examination systems, provided that the qualifications are accepted and the professional requirements are met. Let’s list some of the direct requirements you need.
·A and A levels only.
International Baccalaureate
University Board Act
Core Mathematics
English Language Requirements for International Students.

Average tuition: £11,000 ($14,540)
Bucking Hamshire was a first and second world war It was founded in 1891 after surviving both world wars. With a four-year campus and Bucks, one of the UK’s leading institutions, he can complete a three-year course in two years, saving money and time. There are also opportunities to take specialized courses such as Air Transport and Commercial Pilot Training, which give students the opportunity to obtain a commercial pilot’s license. Innovative courses such as music management and film and television production are also available.

University of the West of Scotland.
Average tuition fee: £10,500 ($13,440)
University of the West of Scotland (UWS) was formed in August 2007 by the merger of Paisley College and Bell College. This year, Times Higher Education ranked her UWS among the top 600 universities and in the top 150 in the 2019 Young University Rankings.
Admission Requirements
Admission to all undergraduate courses also has standard minimum academic requirements. Applicants are expected to have the following qualifications: All applicants are expected to demonstrate an adequate level of literacy and numeracy (passing English and Mathematics in at least 5 subjects, including at least 3 Scottish High Schools (grade c or better)).
SWAP Criteria

Suffolk University
Average tuition fee: £10,000 ($12,900)
Suffolk is a UK public university and was founded in 2007, being the youngest of all universities in this category at 13 years old, It has been highly ranked in both the Times University Guide and the Guardian University Guide. MBA and GCA can be completed completely online

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